Grand Hotel des Iles Borromèes

Stresa, Italia

Mosaici in stile Classic

Friul Mosaic was selected to realize the mosaics of the exclusive Liberty style Hotel on Lake Maggiore.

Mosaic making is to give value to each single tesserae that is shaped in order to compose a painting meant to last in time.

Among the many works executed by Friul Mosaic in Italy, we need to include the mosaics of the Grand Hotel des Îles Borromées in Stresa; this magnificent Liberty Building is located on the shores of the Lake Maggiore and has become a Historical Landmark in Italy. The exquisite drawings and their fine representation in mosaics decorate the indoor and outdoor settings of the hotel. The first part of our task, commissioned in 1995, required an entire year of work for the flooring onsite, while the rest of the coverings were realized at our workshop and then installed. We have completed more than 600 square meters of mosaics at the Liberty Building so far. It is a constant work in progress of new mosaics and renovation.  Architect Statilio Ubiali has designed the mosaics that decorate the interior of the hotel such as the bar, the dinning room, halls and some bedrooms. The Jacuzzi tub of the “Hemingway Suite” has been covered with mosaics; Hemingway spent some time in Stresa to recover from a wound during World War I.  The mosaic walkway and the pebble mosaics inspired by the Piedmontese and Ligurian traditions, recall the main theme of the Borromeo palace. The pebble mosaics decorate the vast nymphaeum over the fountain as well as the vault of the hotel.  Architect Statilio Ubilai has designed the mosaics.



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